We're proud to have such glowing comments from our clients.

"Delighted with their service"

James Pountney

2nd March 2020

I’ve been a customer of SaSo for a couple of years and have been delighted with their service and professionalism.


They have successfully combined cutting-edge digital convenience with conventional  face to face customer service making them an influential financial services provider in Jersey.

"Saso provides me with the personal service that I was looking for"

Lionel Woodward

1st March 2020

My pensions used to be with various service providers with whom basic communication was difficult and impersonal.  SaSo provides me with the personal service that I was looking for in investment advisers, people who I can meet with and who know me and my investment needs.

"I was very attracted to Meeku’s vision for SaSo to focus on a bespoke client service"

Susan Ford

29th February 2020

I was initially nervous moving my pension fund from a large well-established provider to a new venture with no track record aside from Meeku’s extensive background in the industry. My existing provider had never contacted me for a face to face meeting and I was very attracted to Meeku’s vision for SaSo to focus on a bespoke client service, so I took the plunge.


3 years on and I am pleased I did as the promise to remain true to client service continues to be the SaSo philosophy so much so, that I truly feel not just a client but a member of the 'SaSo family'.  The relationship and service is highly professional but delivered in a very personalised, honest and adaptable manner which is so refreshing to find these days as many of their competitors simply don’t allocate sufficient time or resources to client care

"I have received the best advice possible"

Steve House  

27th February 2020

I have known Garry Forbes of SaSo for a number of years now having initially used him for general investment advice when he was working for another adviser. My experience dealing with Garry and SaSo has always been a positive one receiving a warm welcome from everyone at SaSo whenever I visit the office and coming away feeling I have received the best advice possible. Garry has become a good friend.

I have also got to know many of the SaSo team and have used them for advice on both my modest investments and that of my sons always happy in the knowledge that I have been looked after by people who understand and empathise with people and their investment needs whilst backed up by the latest investment technology.

"Gary has gone over and above with his support"

Janet Dennis   

27th February 2020

Gary has gone over and above with his support, advice, understanding of my personal circumstances which provides me with total flexibility. He is always available and his gentle, knowledgeable,  factual approach I appreciate and trust.

"Attentive, professional and very helpful"

Nick Cole 

26th February 2020

I have been a client of SaSo Strategic Advisors since 2017 and have found them approachable, attentive, professional and very helpful. I have received first-rate financial advice and it has been a pleasure dealing with them. I consider myself fortunate to be a SaSo client and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

"They took time to understand our personal circumstances"

Chris Haws  

26th February 2020

My wife and I have had cause to reassess our retirement plans and have been very pleased with the financial advice from the team at SASO. 


They took time to understand our personal circumstances and objectives and presented a range of options and recommendations. They were very patient and accommodating with our questions and as a result we feel we have a well balanced and tax efficient portfolio of investments and pension products. 

"Highly personalised and very responsive"

Chris Carpenter   

26th February 2020

The team at SASO provide highly personalised and very responsive investment advice.

"Very much impressed"

Don Gardener 

5th February 2020

Just a very quick email to say how very much impressed I am with Garry.


His knowledge and work ethic is second to none, I am very pleased to have him on my side.

My experience so far of Saso has been first class.

"In safe hands"

Andy Brown

2nd February 2020

I have never felt more confident with our investments.

My partner and I are, to say the least, not very savvy about investments. Having invested in a two previous projects on our own, we were lucky to escape with our equity. Hence, we've been reluctant to invest our capital again.

But since we met Meeku, who explains the SaSo business model and ethos so clearly, we know we're in safe hands.

The SaSo ethos is so refreshing, whereby they get to know who you are and what your real financial and life goals are before anything else. It makes so much sense, and the SaSo Wealth Service, is, in my humble opinion unrivalled in keeping you in touch with your investments.

As a layman and someone who really doesn't understand investing, I cannot recommend SaSo highly enough.