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Corporate Padel League

SaSo were introduced to Island Padel through our sponsorship of The Jersey Tennis Association.

In October 2021, the Channel Islands first ever inter-insular event between Guernsey and Jersey was launched, which Guernsey won. Both islands have thriving padel communities and have enjoyed the opportunity to compete against their sister island. 


The popularity of padel in the Channel Islands continues to gather momentum and now thanks to the launch of the Jersey Corporate Padel League, many white and blue-collar players can enjoy a game at the St Clements courts and compete to win the coveted title of Jersey Corporate league winners.


Pictured above, SaSo Strategic is crowned the Jersey Corporate Padel League Winners, 2022

About Island Padel

Padel is a rapidly growing sport across Europe, it is played on an enclosed court about a third of the size of a tennis court. The rules are the same as tennis, played with similar balls, although serving is underhand and the walls are used as part of the game.


Padel is great for all ages; it’s not power dominant and caters to all levels of play. With limited racket skills, players can quickly engage in dynamic and fun rallies, utilising the court’s surroundings. Padel is always played in doubles, which makes it a very social activity and therefore ideal for the entire family.

Meet the players

SaSo Strategic is delighted to be participating in Jersey's Corporate Padel League and has put together a team of eager players comprising of SaSo staff and clients. 

Padel 7.jpg

Garry 'The Strategy'

Garry Forbes, SaSo's Managing Director is a keen fan of padel tennis, having taken up tennis when his eldest was born (14 years ago). Having now played padel for four months, and introducing his 12-year-old son to the sport too, Garry has found the transition from tennis to padel pretty seamless.

Now you may ask, why has he called himself Garry The Strategy? Well, in case you didn't know, Garry is an incredibly keen chess player who has played chess since the age of six and played chess seriously for the past twenty years. As a Candidate Master, Garry knows a thing or two about strategy and attempts to use his strategy skills to perceive his opponents' plans with some nifty padel work.

IMG_0247 (1)_edited.jpg

Euan 'Try Harder'

No one tries harder on the padel court than our very own Euan Spencer, Financial Adviser at SaSo. While he's only been playing padel tennis for a couple of months, nobody could question his enthusiasm! Retrieving some unbelievable shots, and also returning some pretty crazy serves too. Euan is an awesome member of the SaSo team and certainly one to watch!

When Euan is not playing padel tennis, he is a keen rugby player and a proud member of the Jersey Rugby Team. Euan tells us that playing padel is a great way for him to keep fit during the rugby off-season. Thankfully, the only try Euan is making on the padel court is non-contact!

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