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Jersey Rugby Football Club

SaSo is delighted to support the Jersey Rugby Football Club (JRFC) through match day sponsorship and also one of its players in its first team, Euan Spencer, who happens to also work for SaSo as one of our Financial Advisers.

Euan has worked for SaSo as one of our Financial Advisers for nearly three years now and is a very keen sportsman. Not only is Euan a very valued member of our corporate padel team, but is also an avid rugby player.

Euan currently holds the position of second-row in Jersey's first team and is often seen making some rather gruesome tackles on the Club's pitch against some major teams from the UK. 


To support the Club's players with kit and travel and to ensure they can attend as many games in the UK, the Club seeks sponsorship of their players. We were only too happy to support Euan with his passion for rugby by sponsoring him as his player Player Sponsor for the forthcoming season.

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