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The Siam Cup 2024: A Thrilling Rugby Showdown in Guernsey

The Siam Cup, a highly anticipated annual rugby event between Jersey and Guernsey, occurred this year at Foote's Lane in Guernsey. 

For the first time since before the COVID-19 pandemic, all four trophies were contested in Guernsey, creating an electric atmosphere and a true celebration of island rugby.

SaSo Strategic was well-represented at the event. Euan Spencer, Associate Director at SaSo Strategic and a Jersey RFC second rower, was selected for his 8th consecutive Siam Cup appearance. 

Guernsey played exceptionally well in the highly anticipated Men's Siam Cup, showcasing their prowess as a team, two divisions above Jersey RFC in the league rankings. However, Jersey RFC refused to back down, engaging in a passionately contested fixture that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.

Euan shared his thoughts on the event's significance: "Last year was a special Siam Cup, as it always is when winning at home in front of your friends and family. It's a very different proposition when you go to Guernsey, as we know it is a really tough place to play."

Jersey RFC entered the Siam Cup in solid form. In a season in which they won all but two league fixtures, they were crowned champions of the Regional 2 South Central Division (the 6th tier of English rugby) and earned promotion to the Regional 1 South Central league (the 5th tier of English Rugby).

SaSo Strategic hosted clients from Guernsey and Jersey at Foote's Lane to watch the game and enjoy a delicious three-course lunch. The atmosphere among the crowd and at lunch was contentious but, overall, very friendly. 

Garry Forbes, Managing Director of SaSo, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, 

"The Siam Cup is always a special occasion and something we have strong connections to personally, so our staff and clients look forward to this event in the calendar every year, and 2024 was no different. 

It was great to welcome clients from Jersey and Guernsey to the Siam Cup this year, and there was some fantastic rugby on display."

Outside of the main match, we were delighted to watch the other three matches: the Fallaize Cup, the Nash Cup and the Women’s Siam Cup.

The Nash Cup

The day's curtain raiser saw Guernsey Vets triumph over Jersey Vets in the Nash Cup with a final score of 36-12.

The Fallaize Cup

The Jersey RFC Men's 2nd XV retained the Fallaize Cup by beating Guernsey's St Jacques' Vikings side 28-24 in a closely fought match.

The Women's Siam Cup

In a thrilling penultimate contest, Guernsey Ladies beat Jersey RFC Ladies with the game's final kick to win the Women's Siam Cup 17-15, leaving the crowd in awe of the skill and determination displayed by both teams.

The 2024 Siam Cup, in its entirety, is a true testament to the passion and skill of island rugby. With all four trophies contested at Foote's Lane, the event showcased the best of Jersey and Guernsey's rugby talent and the strong connections between the two islands. SaSo Strategic's involvement, through Euan Spencer's participation and the wider team’s enthusiastic support, highlighted the firm's commitment to the local community and its love for the sport.

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