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SaSo 1 & 2 win the Summer Corporate Padel League

The Corporate Padel Summer League Finals Day ended at St Clement's Padel Courts on Saturday, 29th July 2023.

The summer corporate padel league in Jersey welcomed 24 teams again, which was the same as the spring league, meaning competition amongst the corporate teams was even fiercer this time as the playing standard of the teams had certainly increased since the previous league was run.

Three-time winners, SaSo Strategic decided to enter two teams in the Summer League to give the weaker players involved from the SaSo teams a chance to play some padel match and, would you believe it? Both teams won the Summer League divisions 1 and 2, respectively!!

For SaSo 1 they were delighted to retain their winning streak for a third time, having won the previous Summer 2022, Autumn 2022 and Spring 2023 corporate leagues.

SaSo 1 won the final when they played against Fairway after beating Rathbones in the semi-final. In contrast, SaSo 2 also won the league when competing against Equiom, having previously beaten Standard Bank in the semi-finals. Both teams qualified for the Finals Day by winning five matches out of five in the group stages.

While both teams have enjoyed a tremendous summer league season, SaSo 2 secured a phenomenal achievement, having only dropped one rubber the entire season (20-1 overall score in rubbers)!

To explain a rubber, each match consists of 6 players. There are three teams of two doubles players, so the top 2 play on court 1, the 2nd two face each other on court 2, and the 3rd pair play on court 3. Apart from one match that SaSo 2 won 2-1, they won all other matches by 3 rubbers to 1.

SaSo Strategic Managing Director Garry Forbes said of his teams’ recent wins, “We thoroughly enjoyed the Summer Corporate padel leagues and met many new friends along the way. We feel fortunate that SaSo 1 and SaSo 2 both managed to win their semi-final and final matches on Finals Day, as all four matches were really tough, with three of them only being won by a narrow 2-1 score. A big thank you to Scott Clayton and his team at Island Padel for running such a well-organised and fun event. We are already looking forward to the Autumn corporate league starting in October.”

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