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Jersey Chess Club

Supporting Jersey's next generation of chess superstars

The Jersey Chess Club (JCC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the joys and benefits of chess, holding weekly games and chess tournaments in order to give Jersey players an outlet to play. There are over 50 members of The Jersey Chess Club with between 30-40 competing each year in the Island Championships and other cup competitions.

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About Jersey Chess Club

The Jersey Chess Club was founded in 1924 to offer people of all ages the opportunity to learn and master the game of chess. While SaSo is very keen to support the next generation of youth players by helping the Jersey Junior Chess Club, experienced members from the adult club are encouraged to teach the children.

For children, playing chess can develop a child’s mind and help them cope with the growing complexities and demands of a globalizing world. It is encouraging to see more schools around the world recognising the value of chess and adding it to their standard curriculums and SaSo is certainly proud to be involved in chess on the island.

SaSo has been sponsoring the Jersey Chess Club since 2019 and has close connections with chess through their Managing Director, Garry Forbes, who is a former island champion (2014/2015).  Garry has spent many years developing junior chess in Jersey and has been involved in developing junior chess on the island for over 10 years and has helped several Jersey juniors become county champions during that period.  Garry personally represented Jersey and Guernsey in 5 Chess Olympiads (3 for Jersey and 2 for Guernsey) in Spain, Italy, Norway, Azerbaijan and India and has represented Jersey in two European Small Nations in Guernsey and Monaco.  Garry has also played in the inter-island Inter-Insular match 14 times (playing 7 times for both islands).


"I believe that chess is great at enhancing concentration and problem-solving skills but more importantly than that, chess is great fun.  As a passionate chess player myself, SaSo are proud to be a co-sponsor of chess in Jersey and we are delighted to be developing junior chess opportunities for the children and youth of Jersey.’’

Garry Forbes - Managing Director, SaSo Strategic Advisers.

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