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SaSo Strategic Crowned Winners of the Jersey Corporate Padel League (Summer 2022)

Jersey hosted its latest Corporate Padel League at the Jersey Squash and Racket Club in St Clement in June and July.

With more than 16 teams competing from a variety of industries including financial services, construction, design and many more, there was a huge representation of Jersey’s blue-collar workers battling it out for the coveted Jersey Corporate Padel League Cup.

This year, SaSo Strategic is delighted to announce that it has been crowned the 2022 champion of the Summer League. The competition involved splitting the sixteen corporate teams into four groups of four, with each team competing against the three other teams in their category, with one game per week. The format was 3 teams of 2 players as Padel is played in a doubles format so you had to win at least 2 of the 3 matches to win a match.

The winners of each group then competed against the winners of the other three groups in an all-play, all-league.

Having competed against corporate service providers, UBS, property developers, a combined team of Dandara and local architects, Axis Mason and Mourant’s 2nd team, SaSo managed to win all those matches to then face financial services teams, Rathbones, Standard Bank and Mourant in the group stage finals.

“Participating in this year’s Corporate Padel League has been hugely rewarding,” explained Garry Forbes, SaSo Strategic’s Managing Director. “Padel is such a fantastic sport. It’s well worth a go and much easier for beginners than many other racket sports and it is definitely more sociable with the courts being only half the size of a tennis court!”

It would seem the enjoyment was shared by every team that participated in the League and the popularity of the sport has grown significantly, locally.

The Club will be hosting its Autumn League in November this year and the number of registrations has increased by 50% from 16 teams to 24. In fact, the Club mentioned that there were in fact many more teams that had wanted to register for the Autumn League but missed the deadline, so it just shows how popular the sport and League have become.

Due to the increase in team numbers for this upcoming League, the format will be 4 groups of 6 teams. SaSo has already been notified of the teams that they are due to play and looks forward to competing against Aztec, T&G, Maples Group, Fairway and Sancus.

“With a 100% winning streak from the games played in the Summer League, we are really hopeful of retaining our form in the upcoming Autumn League, though know it is going to be even tougher”, explained Garry Forbes.

“2023 looks like a BIG year for Jersey Padel, with a predicted number of entries for the new year’s league exceeding 30 teams. The competition will certainly be more fierce as we embark on this next league, but we remain confident that we can achieve a great result and really look forward to facing different players in the future.”

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