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Choosing the Right Investment Manager


How can I be sure that my Investment Manager is the right one for me?


There are many investment managers in our local market who all have their strengths in various areas. We would recommend getting in touch with your financial advisor to review your chosen manager on a regular basis. One way we look at manager selection for clients is to consider the evidence. Something called Evidence Based investing. We analyse the data from multiple investment managers which would include performance, naturally, but also factors like how much risk they are taking, how they have performed in volatile markets, what types of assets they invest in, how much they cost, amongst other factors, we are then equipped with evidence as to who maybe suitable to appoint.

This evidence and independent stance, coupled with your objectives and attitude to risk, would then identify a short-list of investment managers from which you can then consider which particular investment manager may be suitable for your needs.

In a world where evidence is crucial in making decisions, we and our clients see this framework as a robust and understandable method of investment manager selection.

About the Author

John Leonard, Head of Business Development

Tel: 01534 488773 • Mobile: 07797 742811

John Leonard is responsible for our Private Clients based in Jersey. John recently joined SaSo Strategic Advisers in August 2017 having spent the previous 7 years in an established financial services business where he was responsible for providing advice to both private and corporate clients in all areas of financial planning.

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