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Technology and Investing


Through advancement in technology how can I expect to receive reports and valuations on my investments?


Clear, trustworthy investment reporting continues to be the most valuable tool for communicating investment information. Whether you utilize this information as an investor or as a financial professional, it is what you don’t know that can be the most damaging. In today’s complex investment marketplace, there is a need for guidelines to advance the next stage of evolution for investment reporting.

Some companies will offer online access via apps, such as our Digital Wealth Service.

Receiving reports through the internet means that you are less reliant on paper valuations which may come through weeks after the quarter end.  The need for easy to access and timely information is expected nowadays through our use of smart phones and the ability to view valuations and reports through this method provides comfort and stability to clients.

Whatever method you utlise, there are certain principles for investment reporting that must be followed such as reporting must be clear and precise, the investment report is timely and accurate and complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

The portfolio must be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it reflects changes in the client’s risk profile or objectives. Investment risks must be clear and transparent and most importantly all fees charged to the client, must be included in the report. Fees are a critical component of investment results, and the user must be able to see and understand the impact of fees.

About the Author

John Leonard, Head of Business Development

Tel: 01534 488773 • Mobile: 07797 742811

John Leonard is responsible for our Private Clients based in Jersey. John recently joined SaSo Strategic Advisers in August 2017 having spent the previous 7 years in an established financial services business where he was responsible for providing advice to both private and corporate clients in all areas of financial planning.

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