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Jersey builds world-class padel facilities

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Jersey is incredibly lucky to house a real world-class facility for padel tennis at St Clements Recreational Grounds. So far, in the Corporate Padel League, the SaSo team have fared really well against their competitors whose teams originate from UBS, Dandara and Axis-Mason, and Mourant. SaSo, Standard Bank, Mourant, and Rathbones are now competiting in the final of the League in the First Division, which will takes place later in July. So whoever wins these final three games, will be crowned the overall, inaugural padel champioms for the Corporate League.

Pictured left to right is SaSo's victorious padel team; Dave Roworth, Steve House, Garry Forbes, and Bero Bobus.

When not playing in the weekly Corporate Padel League, our team have been fortunate to attend Jersey's first ever padel inter-insular against Guernsey.

In June, the SaSo team attended the County Qualifier, between the Islands' A and B teams. The Guernsey A team came out triumphant, although it wasn't without stiff competition from Jersey's A team, who took them to a tie break.

Leading Jersey's A team, Scott Clayton, said of the recent competition; "We are really excited to welcome the Guernsey teams to compete with us. It says a lot about padel in the Channel Islands that we have two amazing facilities in Jersey that are both accessible to the public. We hope to see many more members of the public coming down to watch some great matches and enjoy the facilities too."

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