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SaSo Funds Technology App to Support Islanders Facing Financial Difficulties

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

SaSo Strategic Advisers has agreed to fund a technology application for local charity Community Savings to help its Members to stay in control of their finances.

The app, launched on 1 March 2023, offers a simple online interface allowing its Members to view balances and transactions, undertake transfers between their accounts and access news and useful information to help them budget and manage their finances more effectively.

Pictured from left to right: Steve Eldred, Managing Director, Community Savings; Meeku Patidar, CEO and Founder, SaSo Strategic Advisers; Stuart Butler, Executive Officer, Community Savings; and Lisa Lidbury, Executive Assistant Community Savings.

Steve Eldred, Managing Director of Community Savings, explained, “We’ve received a lot of feedback from our Members, who have explained that it can be quite time-consuming to manage their money using our current protocol. For example, they must call or email us whenever they want to query their balance or a transaction or request a transfer.”

A Member from the Charity recently said, “I'd often be on my phone up in the middle of the night, working out how much I'd need for whatever was next, and I'd have to go through the process of composing an email, which could take a weary 10 minutes and a lot of effort sometimes.”

“Thanks to the new application, our Members can now easily access their accounts to view their balances and check recent transactions at the touch of a button,” added Steve.

SaSo Strategic’s Founder & CEO, Meeku Patidar, was incredibly keen to support this initiative as he understands the value of technology in helping people manage their money more effectively.

“We are delighted and proud to be able to support such a worthwhile initiative for those that need it most. SaSo Strategic Advisers is centred around providing technology to its clients by offering them a portal. It allows them to self-serve and see the performance of their financial plans. It is great that we can support a similar initiative for Community Savings post-COVID and certainly in the current environment. We hope its Members find the portal helps them manage their money more easily.

Steve Eldred, Managing Director of Community Savings, added, “We are hugely grateful to the SaSo Strategic Advisers team for their support in funding the costs of this online tool. Whilst we remain conscious of those needing our close support with their finances, particularly during these current times of economic challenge, some of our Members seek the convenience an online tool provides. This will equip them with real-time information to enhance their budgeting capabilities.”


About Community Savings

Community Savings was launched as a charity in 1997. Its vision is to promote financial inclusion in Jersey by providing services, guidance and practical assistance to those most in need. It has a mission to help the increasing number of financially excluded islanders by providing access to a basic account service, budgeting guidance and emergency financial support with the ultimate aim of helping individuals access mainstream banking services that most of us take for granted.

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