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SaSo Strategic Awards Jersey’s Next Generation of Tennis Superstars

The Jersey Tennis Association recently hosted a prizegiving for its junior tennis winners of the Jersey Closed Tennis Tournament at Grainville Tennis Club.

The annual tournament welcomed sixty-six junior players, ranging in age from under eight to sixteen years. Playing in more than twenty-eight matches against children from other clubs, the tournament offered junior tennis players a great opportunity to compete in formal surroundings against peers of their own age and differing abilities.

The week-long tournament began on 21 August and culminated in a prizegiving, hosted by its main sponsors SaSo Strategic who presented the prizes to the winning players from each age range and discipline.

Garry Forbes, Managing Director of SaSo Strategic said of the recent tournament and prizegiving, “As a keen tennis player myself, I understand the benefits that tennis can bring to young players, both on and off the court. We were absolutely delighted to be able to sponsor the Junior Tennis players in this year’s Jersey Closed Tennis Tournament. Playing tennis is more than just a sport, it’s strategic. Being able to preempt your competitors' strengths and weaknesses is a great way to help you conquer a game. And being that strategy is part of our company’s remit, it made perfect sense to sponsor this competition and more widely, the Jersey Tennis Association too.”

Winning their coveted place in the Jersey Closed Tennis Tournament, the winners are listed as follows:

U-9s (Mixed Singles

Evan Maultby

U-10s (Mixed Doubles)

Moley Carnegie Bedlow and William Stratford

U-10s (Mixed Singles)

Moley Carnegie Bedlow

U-12s (Boys)

Theo Stratford

U-14s (Boys)

Sonny Derrien

U-14s (Boys Doubles)

Samuel Devy and Nile Hannah

​U-16s (Boys)

Sonny Derrien

Girls Doubles

Jasmine Derrien and Ketaki Sable

U-16s (Mixed Doubles)

Samuel Devy and Isabella Aldridge

“Being able to support a tournament like this is so important,” explained Garry Forbes. “So long as the player can under arm serve and rally, they are welcome to compete in a real-life competition with rules and referees to really enhance the experience. We know that being able to take part in friendly competitions like these really helps our young players to improve their tennis skills and also grow in confidence when facing a competition scenario.”

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