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SaSo supports families to create brighter futures.

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Local Financial Adviser & Investment Management Firm SaSo Strategic Advisers has agreed to provide financial support that will help create brighter futures for families in Jersey.

Pictured from left to right: Melissa, Garry Forbes, Managing Director of SaSo Strategic Advisers, Zoe, Judith Hanson, Trusts and Grants Manager, Brighter Futures, Jenna, Allison and Anna.

Brighter Futures, a local charity supporting parents, families and young people in Jersey, has received part-funding from SaSo Strategic Advisers to fund the salaries of four of their creche team.

The creche facility is extremely popular with families who use Brighter Futures, who receive support from the trained staff there. Between October 2021 and September 2022, it supported 355 children. Four full-time staff members run the creche. Four full-time staff members run the creche.

Brighter Futures offers children a safe environment to support their emotional and educational needs and provides a sanctuary for parents and caregivers. The creche allows parents and caregivers to attend the charity’s courses whilst their children play.

Brighter Futures’ courses are designed to help the parent or main carer build positive relationships, strengthen attachment through structured play, and enables parents and caregivers the opportunity to recognise and value their role as their child’s first and most important educator. The charity also places emphasis on supporting mental health to help build resilience.

All Brighter Futures staff are trained in specific areas. The team can structure a specific support programme for the children attending the creche according to their own unique developmental needs.

Parents and caregivers who attend the creche regularly praise the team’s staff: “The creche team at Brighter Futures are amazing; my daughter is very fond of all of them, especially the creche lead, Allison. My little girl is confident and happy to attend; there are lots of activities that she loves, and this also has helped to develop her confidence and interactions with other children”.

Judith Hanson, Trusts and Grants Manager for Brighter Futures, said, “As Trusts and Grants Manager, and on behalf of all the team and client families of Brighter Futures, we would like to thank SaSo Strategic Advisers for their kind donation to part-fund our creche facility. This donation will enable Brighter Futures to continue its essential charitable provision in Jersey during our 15th year in operation, which is our crystal year.”

Explaining their support for the initiative, Garry Forbes, Managing Director of SaSo Strategic Advisers, added, “At SaSo, we are proud of our Channel Island heritage. Being a locally-entrenched firm, supporting Channel Islanders to build, preserve and protect their wealth for the future is at the heart of what we do and we were keen to take this opportunity to support the wider community, which is so invaluable to some local families. Over the last 15 years, Brighter Futures' work has been an ongoing and integral part of Jersey’s support system for families. We are delighted that our funding will support such a valuable local community initiative for those who need it most.”


About Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures is a charity that supports parents, carers, children and young people in Jersey. We provide key worker support alongside several free programmes and services to help support the parents and carers we meet. Parents and carers come to us for various reasons and from across the social spectrum. Everyone has different backgrounds, experiences, families and financial situations. Parents/carers can often feel socially isolated, requiring support for their well-being, mental health, and their child's growth to thrive.

We work alongside the main carer to support child development, parent/carer-child relationships, family health and wellbeing to increase the life chances and opportunities of the family. We offer a range of personal development, educational and second chance learning programmes, group sessions, one-to-one emotional support, information, advice and practical help to aid parents and carers with self-esteem, confidence and communication skills.

Brighter Futures is based at The Bridge, and clients can self-refer or be referred by any professional who knows them. We work in partnership with other agencies to support clients in making lasting and sustainable changes that will make a difference in their future through their choices for themselves and their families.

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